Stay Home Make Art • Group Exhibition



Since we are all staying home because of the coronavirus outbreak, I ask you to get inspired by things around you of everyday use, things from your kitchen cabinet, your bathroom vanity, or your personal closets, things forgotten in closed drawers, or decorative objects that you don’t like anymore the way they actually are and make new pieces either jewelry -which I would prefer- or objects to express your feelings about this frightening situation that we all face.
Take a GOOD photo of the piece that inspired you, and then your artwork to show BEFORE and AFTER. Write a short artist’s statement to explain the reasons why you created this particular piece and then post your photos using the hashtag #stayhomemakeart.


And maybe one day we would be able to get all the artworks together and organize an exhibition in a gallery where we will gather to celebrate, shake hands and hug each other without being afraid of this terrible virus that keeps us apart right now. Art is the only strong antiviral drug. Let Art keep us together.


Marietta Kontogianni