Biography & Timeline

Μάριος Βουτσινάς • Φωτό © Copyright: Manuel Gallegos

Marios Angelos Voutsinas was born in Paris and studied Interior Architecture. His involvement in jewelry design and miniature sculpture dates from 1974. His work is held by private collections around the world (the Pierides Collection; the Claude & Sydney Picasso Collection; the Karen Burke Goulandris Collection and so forth). He has collaborated with the Benaki Museum Art Shops for many years. At the present time he collaborates with the IANOS Culture Art Shops. In 2004 GEMA Publications published a retrospective tribute covering 30 years of his creative output. Since 1978 he has had 16 solo exhibitions in Greece (the most recent being Glass Menagerie at the Genesis gallery in December 2012 and Sea Treasures at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetsai in August 2013), Europe and America and has participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Involved with equal passion in the creation of jewelry and of objects, Marios Voutsinas continues with persistence and knowledge with a foot in both these creative worlds, maintaining a creative artistic equilibrium with no preset points. He retains eclectic elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco as well as references to well-loved foreign artists such as Alphonse Mucha, René Lalique, Fulco di Verdura and Jean Schlumberger, or his preferred representatives of the Greek Thirties generation; and creates jewelry that is unique in its rituals of line and materials, which composes a distinct universe, a tender handmade shell, inviting visitors to a gradual revelation, rewarding them by immersing them excitingly in a progression of perpetual prestidigitational processes and transformations of the most heterogeneous materials: lace, which through a lost-wax process is transformed into a tracery of precious metal; silver and bronze bows, which preserve intact the remembrance of how they rustled as textiles; semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl buttons and fragile porcelain; intricate wood carved parts of fruit trees and dull pieces and parts of old crystal: all compose the instantly recognizable creative world of Voutsinas, with its own distinct theatrical aura.



He is born in Paris. Andreas Voutsinas is the father, Artemis Papastrati is the mother.


In January he comes to Greece.


He encounters art for the first time in Vaso Kyriaki’s (a family friend) workshop.


His family moves to New York due to his stepfather’s (Yiannis Sakellaridis) professional engagements. He resides there for two years discovering art in the city’s major museums.


After finishing school, he studies Interior Design at AKTO Design College.


He travels to Paris where he has the opportunity to admire artwork by some of his favourite inspiring artists in real life, especially those representing the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.


In the summer of this year he studies jewelry making in Katerina Kotsaki’s workshop where he learns the lost wax procedure from Hara Katsouli.


He creates his first one of a kind jewelry pieces.


He opens a jewelry shop in Kolonaki, Athens.


He creates his own workshop for jewelry mass production at 60, Aghiou Meletiou str. in Athens. Omada Tehnis 4+ gallery is located at the same address. It is run by a group of visual artists that consists of Vaso Kyriaki, Maria Kokkinou, Aspasia Stasinopoulou and Vangelis Dimitreas which soon becomes his link to the world of Visual Arts.


He collaborates with Giorgos Papastefanou in the Greek National TV music programme Oi Palioi Mas Filoi (Our Old Friends) creating the sets for the songs’ live filming.


He stops jewelry mass production and starts working in Interior Design which becomes his main source of income. He also works as a stylist for Interior Design magazines.

He is the radio and musical editor for the ERT2 National Radio programme Se Deftero Prosopo (In The Second Person) which features interviews of people from the Visual Arts and the Theater presented by art critic-historian Beatrice Spiliadis and theater historian Lina Papaioannou.

He gets acquainted with sculptor-ceramist Yorgos Kypris who teaches him how to work with clay, a medium that he will later on use for the creation of his jewelry moulds.


Beatrice Spiliadis encourages him to get back to jewelry creation. He works once again on unique pieces that will be exhibited in his first solo exhibition scheduled for the following year.

He starts working as the exclusive stylist for the H.Iosifidis & G.Moutevelis Photographic Studio on behalf of LA MIA CASA-Greek edition and IDEES KAI LYSEIS GIA TO SPITI (Home Ideas And Solutions) Interior Design magazines. Their collaboration lasts three years.

In his personal ERT2 radio programme Night Collages he presents compilations of his favourite tunes.


First solo exhibition in F gallery in Athens titled antiKIMENA. Italian photographer Giulio Fabricatore presents simultaneously at the same venue a series of black and white “natures mortes” inspired by M. Voutsinas’ artwork. The exhibition is curated by Beatrice Spiliadis.


He launches an innovative jewelry line inspired by his grandmother’s old laces in Thessaloniki (ZM gallery). This new aesthetic proposition, which he will later on adapt for the making of his various objects of art, is soon to become his personal artistic “trademark”.

Member of the Jewelry Committee for the 2nd Biennale of New Creators from Countries of the Mediterranean held in Thessaloniki.

He takes part in an exhibition held at the Athens Odeon by artistic group Technodromoi-F under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Youth. The event proceeds are donated to the children victims of the earthquake in Kalamata.


He starts collaborating with the ILEANA TOUNTA Contemporary Art Center as its Art Shop manager.


On the occasion of designer Nikos Apostolopoulos’ Autumn-Winter Collection Fashion Show in Paris for which he creates jewelry and accessories he meets art historian Sydney Picasso who becomes his friend and future collaborator.

Ellinikos Syllektikos Kyklos (The Greek Collectors Circle) launches his first sculptures, a couple of candlesticks in 500 numbered pieces.

In the same year he presents 7 dicotyledons inspired from the Greek nature in the form of sculptures (7 Gallery) and jewelry-objects of art (ILEANA TOUNTA Contemporary Art Center) in two parallel exhibitions titled Sculpture and Wearable Sculpture.


He creates jewelry for fashion designer BIANCA N. on the occasion of a WELLA products promotional fashion show.


He designs jewelry and accessories for Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare directed by Yiannis Houvardas. Set design and costumes by Lily Kentaka (Amore Theater).


In the summer of this year he travels for the first time away from the western civilisation to Bali which provides him with new cultural stimuli.


He is given his first set design assignment in Three Tall Women by Edward Albee directed by Andreas Voutsinas (Theatro Athinon Theater).


He designs the set for Pass the Butler by Eric Idle directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas at the newly founded Peiraios 131 Theater where he also participates in the venue refurbishing project.


His first lighting sculptures are displayed at the LOLA NIKOLAOU Gallery in Thessaloniki. The exhibition title Baroquxysm reflects the multitude of materials and mediums used in this new creative idea.


He participates in the competition proclaimed by Athens 2004 for the design and materialisation of the 2004 Olympics torch, alongside 11 other artists.


He creates jewelry and accessories for Poia Eleni? by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas who are also the directors of the play produced by the Greek National Theater at the Kotopouli Rex stage.


GEMA Publications publishes a bilingual art book titled Marios Voutsinas, a retrospective of 30 years of his creative work.

He starts his collaboration with The Benaki Museum Art Shops.


First solo exhibition in the U.S.A. at the Millenia Fine Art gallery in Orlando, Florida where he presents a complete spectrum of his jewelry creations. The exhibition, being very successful, is extended for another month.


In his solo exhibition Tea with Mrs. Katakouzenou at The Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation, a retrospective of his work, is the starting point of his collaboration with art critic Iris Kritikou.


His exhibition Glass Menagerie presented at the Genesis gallery, curated by Iris Kritikou features a crystal environment that consists of jewelry, decorative objects and sculptures inspired by a rich stock of old crystal mirrors’ spare parts.